Do I live in a society were a homosexual child molester can follow a man around and try to force him to give up his religion and have sex for him. I wonder how many Americans feel that I should be forced to give up God and have sex for this homosexual. Are they not shocked at this homosexual’s obsession with my penis, but some seem to support it and think that this homosexual has the right to x-ray my penis and demand that I have sex for him. It is this homosexual who wants me to perform a sexual show for him. He is very, very rich so the price is right! That is why all these people are so eager to support him. That is why all these women are out hounding me for sex CHEAP PEOPLE. In my religion women are not cheap drugs that you take like a cup of coffee. I believe that women are people. You don’t pass them out like bottles of pop for fun. This is all part of the moral decline of our civilization. Both Black and whites are supporting this sickness. They have some kind of x-ray device to look under my clothing and see my penis. This homosexual child molester is leading them in this. This is moral decline. When grown men start knowingly working for a queer child molester watching other mans penis we are in bad shape. There is one queer child molester man behind this whole thing. THEY STILL SUPPORT IT! GOD HELP US! I feel sorry for your children. Is this the world you are making for them! SHAME! If blacks support this gay queer child molester, then they are just as sick as he is. This could be the start of something big!? How is it possible that you are supporting a gay man who likes to follow another man around and freak off watching his penis? This is sick! I am shocked! Have we lost all trace of human decency?


These photos are fake ask yourself what do they want the person in these photos to do. If these photos are real, then tell me what good is more sex is going to do a sick animal like that anyway. But these people tell you that the man in the photos needs more sex. That is nonsense! Why would anyone in there right mind give a nut like that money for sex. These pictures are fake! If I were the man in the photos, sex would not be the problem. These photos are a way of making you share someone else’s sickness. This pedophile homosexual’s sickness! These photos can be made very easily; on a computer you can make a picture of anyone doing anything. I have always asked that these photos be officially tested that means I get a copy of the results. They are fake! It can be proven.
I can make a tape of anybody saying anything that I want them to say. All I would need is some tape of the person speaking and, based on their Owen voice patterns. I can make a tape of the president saying anything that I want him to say, it would be his voice. He could be talking about Dick Gephardt but I could remove the Gephardt part and move some other words around and I could make him say something else! I can put it through a filter to smooth out any artificial voice infliction or altered cadences! This device should be removed from my head. None of what comes from it can be authenticated. It goes from fake to real to fake to real and back. Only the queer really knows what is going on. If things are not hot enough they will throw in some hot pepper to kick it up some. I sure as hell don’t need this sick queer in my head! This kook thinks that he is having a relation with me. That is ugly!


Imagine that some very wealthy homosexual meet your son and just fell totally in love with him at first sight, and your son said, Yuk No way I am not like that. This wealthy homosexual man leaves but he is still thrilled by your son. After this, everywhere your son goes he starts to have problems. Ugly rumors start to fly and everyone starts to treat him strangely. Slowly he finds out that this wealth homosexual is following him around and pumping money in to the situation. This is really what is going on. THIS COULD BE THE START OF SOMETHING BIG? There is one very wealthy homosexual who is completely obsessed with me. He follows me twenty-four hours a day. He is insane! But he literally has millions of dollars, so he can pay all these people to act out his sickness. All these people both Blacks & Whites, are simply paid money to do and say these things. And all they have to say is we don’t like him, about your son or me. This is all one twisted homosexual on a power trip. This is not everybody. This is one man! This is not all homosexuals this is one man doing it all. My problem is not his homosexuality that is his life. My problem is that I don’t want him in my life. This is one man! He has got all these tough guy’s on, a money leash.


These backs & whites are all sitting up all night with a gay man watching my penis. They have some kind of x-ray penis detector, this device allows them to see through my clothing and see my penis! Sick nuts! This is a gay peep show! They all get money from this gay man! I think that there all screwing around with this queer! I wonder how many other guys’ penises have you all been watching? I’ll bet you did not need then ether! Say it aint so? INCEST
They now claim that my own father is watching his own son’s penis with a homosexual man? And you don’t see anything wrong with that? This seems perfectly normal to you? I think we really are cracking up! This is insane! Tell me have you ever had to watch your son’s penis with a homosexual man? You are dancing with the devil here; this is incest pure and simple! Watching the son’s penis with a queer, what does it mean, it means that you are screwing around with the queer and you and the queer want to screw around with your son! Do I have the right to be a Christian here?
I would like to say that my real father died in 2005! My mother died in 1984! Both my parents are dead! The whole idea that my father is watching his own son’s penis with a gay man this is insulting, this is insane! This is incest!

Let me get this straight you are watching one gay child molesters penis with another gay child molester! Is that what you think that you are doing? Helping one gay child molester watch the other gay child molesters penis do you know that watching a man’s penis will make a queer very hot? You have got to know that? We may really be losing it! I don’t care why you are doing something like that. This is insane! Why would you want to give, a gay child molester money to have more sex? This is slap stick & sick truly gay!


I believe that the genetic code of the universe is set in the DNA of nature! Nature fixes man and women in the genetic code. God wrote the software! This is GODS doing in all creatures. All deviation from that format is perversion. Nature meant for man to be with women! Now, you have the right to have sex with anyone that you want to, some people even have sex with animals; some people have orgies with many people. This is not nature’s design. Nevertheless, you have the right to drink a gallon of whiskey every day and smoke three packs of cigarettes. That does not mean that you should do it! This is why it is called a sin. It is self-destructive. I do not knock the whiskey out of the next guy’s glass, but I will not let him put it in my glass. I feel that homosexuality is immoral not only immoral for sweet men but for all people! You don’t find the male lion going after the other male lion do you? They go after only the female lion this is natural! All other animals are the same they follow natures source code! Only wacky humans do such strange sick things! How could we even be talking about something like some queers wanting to force their homosexuality on someone else! I knew this is what this gay liberation stuff would lead to. Gays going after other men and trying to force their life style on other men who don’t want it! This is homophobia comes true

These people claim to be in the Republican party &, the Christian coalition, let me get this straight, these guys kill gays and are in the Christian coalition & Republican Party. And now they are with a gay child molester and they want to help this gay child molester rape another man! They claim that you can really trust them because they kill gays, so if they support this gay child molester you know it is ok! They claim this gay child molester wants to give me money to have sex for him with a lesbian prostitute! I ask America do you think that I should have sex for a gay child molester. To do so is to support him sick actions!

To tell me that I must support homosexuality because these blacks do is wrong. I do not have to do what these blacks do. This is a free country. These blacks admit that they support this homosexual white man watching other men’s penis. They will not deny it. This is why I don’t like these blacks, not because they black, I feel the same way about whites who support this queer!


Suppose a homosexual were after your son, and they did not need your son, would they help the homosexual watch your son’s penis? Your son is 25 years old! Would they help the homosexual if they did not need your son? They would do it, all it takes is money! DO YOU SEE THE DANGER? Look at these people who fight this sickness. They are not doing it for me. They are fighting for their Owen children. They are fighting for AMERICAN CULTURE. It is not about this guy, it is about this homosexual. We don’t want that kind of nut stalking other men around the community and molesting kids. We don’t want it! We don’t want him stalking Greek or Hawaiian men, sweet men, sour men or anyone. IT IS NOT ABOUT THIS GUY, IT IS ABOUT THIS HOMOSEXUAL. YOU DON’T GET THAT DO YOU! These people were offered the same money that you were. They need money just like you do. They are just not willing to become cheap whores for this queer to get it! These are pillars of the community. They are holding up the building of our civilization.


What they are really supporting is a queer child molester! They are supporting the right of a homosexual to go after your son. But only if they don’t need your son. I do mean your adult son over twenty five. To day me tomorrow your son. All it takes is money$$CHEAP PEOPLE $$, In the name of GOD! WHAT HAVE WE BECOME?
This is the first time that I know of in American history that a man we all know is homosexual could go after another man sexually in the open society. Were everyone knows what he is doing. They all know he is a MILLIONAIRE HOMOSEXUAL. They all know he is sexually obsessed with this man and they still let it happen right in front of everyone. This could be the start of something big! This may be an historical moment! This could change our history completely 8-18-1996 Ithaca N.Y. TELL YOUR CHILDREN TWENTY YEARS FROM NOW HOW YOU GOT THAT STARTED!

This is a threat to the whole of human culture! The problem is not that you don’t want this guy, but how! They want to get with a homosexual and watch this guy’s penis all night, and call that hate. That is not hate. It is impossible to hate someone buy watching there penis with a homosexual. This homosexual is using these situations were a bunch of guys are after someone because they don’t like the guy as a launching pad for his sexual ambitions. This is a completely different situation. This homosexual has admitted that he likes this guy sexually! He has admitted it. I feel that changes everything! This is nothing but stalking and sexual harassment! It is a HATE CRIME! He is attacking the dignity and the sexual orientation of this man. How should this be dealt with? It should be dealt with just as if I were stalking your daughter around town peeping in her house watching her take a shower! What would you want to do to me? Any straight man doing something like that would ether get himself killed or put in jail! Every man in town knows this. I think the same-thing should be true for gays as well. This is simply stalking and sexual harassment! It is against the law!
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